The dusk before our deaths

How to Lose Your Faith in Humanity and Then Lose Your Humanity

It happens in a game called Rust. You start off in a random location looking for your friends and a place to set up some sort of base. As you ...

Papers, Please

Late to the Game: Papers, Please

So hey there people. Since we’ve started unofficially relaunching Battlemouth, I figured it would be fun to start a new sort-of-series called “Late to the Game,” in which I, broke ...

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mikes mad missiles 50 percent off

Space Engineers – Disco Spaceship Simulator 2014

Logging into Space Engineers for the first time I was absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and controls available to play the game. So before I get too into things let me clear this up, play the tutorial. Once you’ve gotten the basic controls out of the way you’ll be ready to dive […]

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Anova Precision Kickstarter

In case my last post didn’t convince you to get one, Anova is coming out with a new cooker with many more features including control via iPhone. All for a lower price, how do they do it?!?! (more…)

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My experiences with cooking via sous vide

The method of putting ingredients in a bag, sealing them in a vacuum and cooking it all in a water bath held at a specific temperature has been around for decades. The benefit is that you can truly cook things all the way through at exactly the right temperature with hardly any risk of overcooking. […]

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Black on Black

Things We Think Are Cool: The Lamy Safari

It’s the gateway drug to finer writing. The Battlemouth office has three of them floating around for daily use. We think the Lamy Safari is cool.  

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Bear Simulator Kickstarter. Enough Said.

A game where I can play as a bear and at the $20 backer level my bear can wear sunglasses? Yes please! (more…)

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Kickstarted – Duelyst

Every once in awhile a real stellar project will pop up on Kickstarter and I can’t help but back it. Figured I might as well share these finds with everyone as it’s pretty dang easy to miss a project only to find it already concluded and you missing out on all the rad backer exclusive […]

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