Easy One Pan Meals – Sweet Potato Hash


My past few posts have been foods that take a considerable commitment of time and/or ingredients in order to properly prepare them. I wanted to go to the other end of the preparation spectrum and talk about some of my favorite meals to whip together when I’ve had a long day at work and just want something on my plate fast. Not only do I want the meal to be relatively fast but I don’t want to have to use a ton of ingredients and I still want it to taste dang good.

Taking that criteria into consideration today’s easy quick prep meal I’d like to talk about is Sweet Potato Hash. All this meal takes is 4 main ingredients and a dash of spices/seasoning and you’ve got yourself  an awesome meal to sit down and enjoy either for breakfast lunch or dinner. I’m a big fan of this dish as a dinner as it gains that fun breakfast for dinner vibe which I enjoy. This meal is perfect for cast iron cooking, what you don’t own a cast iron pan? Go buy one right now, I will wait for you until you get back. Alright great, now you’ve got a cast iron pan, the single most awesome and versatile pan in your kitchen, well done. Lets get cooking.

The ingredients for this recipe are short and sweet (hehe sweet potato)

  • 1 Sweet Potato Diced
  • 1/2 Vidalia Onion Diced
  • 2 Strips Bacon Diced
  • 2 Eggs (not diced, although bravo if you managed to)
  • Salt/Pepper

Behold! Your ingredients for this meal! I’m using my awesome bacon I made earlier in the week, but any bacon will work. It’s always nice when your ingredients can all fit on the cutting board at once. Get to dicing everything up and in the mean time you want your pan heating to medium.

The order you cook things is important. We’ll be cooking things, putting them in bowls, cooking other things, and then adding everything back together. So make sure to have a bowl set aside to place your cooked ingredients. First up will be the bacon, the idea here is that the fat the bacon releases while cooking will provide a great cooking environment for our onions and potatoes.

The bacon is done when it starts to look like this. Go ahead, hold you bacon up next to this image to compare. Do they match? Great! Scoop the bacon out an place it in that bowl we have set aside.

Now toss the onion into the bacon grease, right around now your kitchen should start smelling amazing. Don’t be surprised if people start walking into the kitchen asking what you’re cooking. Tell them it’s poison so they’ll leave you alone.

We want to cook the onion till they start to get semi translucent and start to brown up a bit. Just keep and eye on them and stir them from time to time, it shouldn’t take long. Once they’re good remove them from the pan and toss them in with the bacon.

Next up are the sweet potatoes, the smaller you diced them up the quicker they’ll cook. These will take the longest out of all the ingredients to cook, so fell free to occupy yourself and check on the potatoes every minute or so to stir them.

Your sweet potatoes are ready to rock once they’re started to brown up a bit and are soft. I keep track by snacking on a cube of potato from time to time to help gauge how done they are. You dont want them to be firm at all, think little crispy cubes filled with mashed sweet potatoes.

Once the potatoes are done it is time to reunite all the ingredients so far. Look how nicely they combine! Stir them up and let them cook for a minute or two so they have a moment to incorporate with each other.

Now for the exciting stuff, smooth out the hash into a fairly even layer in the pan then using the back of a spoon make two dents. In each of those dents you will be placing an egg, so make sure none of the pan is exposed in the dents you made. You want a nice hashy nest for your egg to rest in.

Turn on your broiler and toss the pan in! Let it sit there for about 5 minutes so you still have a somewhat runny yolk. Not into runny yolk? Then leave it in longer, the choice is yours, dine as you please. Once the eggs are how you like them, remove them from the oven, give them a nice crank of fresh black pepper, some salt, and make some cayenne pepper or smoke paprika. Really you can season these however you like, just salt and pepper will work fine I just like my meal with a little extra spice.

By this point I will usually just eat the hash directly from the pan, as I’m hungry and want food. But feel free to scoop each egg out and serve the meal a bit more properly. This should make enough for one hungry person or two people of mild hunger levels. This is a meal I usually eat every couple of weeks as it is so simple and delicious. Try adding different veggies to the mix, or add some more eggs if you’re serving more people. The beauty of a simple dish like this is that you can really play around with the ingredients and still get a delicious result.

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