The Health Benefits of Sriracha


The folks at CookingSchools pointed me to this infographic about the benefits of Sriracha hot sauce. How could I pass up an opportunity to  post a giant image about my favorite hot sauce on my site? For those of you that have been reading Battlemouth for awhile you may remember I made my very own batch of this wonderful sauce in a two part series here and here.

Next time I’m feeling down I’ll be sure to whip up a batch of Sriracha chicken soup!

Click here to check it out in it’s full giant info-graphic glory.

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  • Rick Carpenter

    I like this stuff and plan to make some, could you use a salt substitute or just leave out the salt altogether? And when so many people say “add this to your diet”, how much and how often becomes effective?

    • Mike

      you could try excluding the salt which would make it more like a hot pepper paste. which I’m sure is still very delicious. As far as incorporating it into your diet I’d say having a tsp or so every couple of days would be appropriate. So, if you have some chicken breast add a little on top and enjoy.