Mixtura – An Instant Favorite

My Mixtura breakfast of scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, chorizo, and sweet potatoes.

I love going out for breakfast on the weekends. The meal can be drawn out for as long as you want over endless refills of coffee from a heavy ceramic mug. You don’t have to worry about where you need to be, you can just enjoy the meal and the company you’re sharing it with. Weekend breakfast’s are the closest to complete dining tranquility I get. Mind you this all relies on going to a breakfast joint that will provide you with a meal that you can thoroughly enjoy.

Here in Somerville Massachusetts we are stuffed to the gills with restaurants happy to invite you in on the weekend for their brunch menu. This makes for an almost overwhelming experience when trying to decide where to go on any given weekend. I’ve made a point to try as many as I can, and to be honest for the most part I’ve been very pleased with what Somerville has to offer. The only time I didn’t enjoy my meal was at a place that is now gone, for any locals reading it involved disco music, I wasn’t pleased, we’ll leave it at that.

This past weekend Sarah and I decided to check out the newish Peruvian place in town called Mixtura. I’m a big fan of the folks involved with this restaurant as they are also the owners of Machu Picchu Charcoal Chicken which happens to be one of my all time favorite hole in the wall places in all of Somerville. So taking the past successes into consideration I was quite excited to finally get a chance to check this place out.

The tiny Mixtura storefront.

Upon walking in, Mixtura has the warm welcoming breakfast joint feel that a lot of bigger restaurants just don’t have. This place is definitely on the smaller side with about 8 tables and a counter/bar area. Even though the place is small we were able to get seated right away and were greeted by a friendly waitress who gave us our menus. Mixtura’s menu was exactly what I was hoping/thinking it would be. Being a Peruvian/Latin inspired restaurant means there are all kinds of dishes featuring avocado, quinoa stews, and queso fresco among other regionally specific treats. This is in addition to an impressive selection of  french toasts, pancakes, and papusuas.

Sarah was all about the smoothie section so she ordered a passion fruit/banana smoothie while I went for a mug of hot coffee. Both drinks were up right away, and by the look on Sarah’s face and the speed at which her smoothie vanished I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was pretty dang good.  The coffee was standard diner fare coffee and was served in a nice heavy mug.

We decided to start our meal by splitting a pork and bean papusa, think a corn pancake filled with meat or cheese. It came with a side of tomato based sauce and what I will call a Peruvian “slaw”, the whole dish was quite delicious although as Sarah pointed out while we ate, it would’ve been nice if they stuffed the papusa just a bit more. In any case, at $2.00 this was a great way for us to start our meal.

For our entrees I went with their version of a two eggs any style with sides dish and Sarah got the Salvadorian Omelet which was an omelet filled with refried beans, tomato onion salsa and queso fresco with a side of sliced avocado, fried plantains, and toast. Let’s get back to my dish though because this is what really won me over. I got to choose two eggs any style and then three sides, some of them were standard breakfast fare and others were Peruvian treats that I wasn’t used to on a breakfast menu. I ultimately went with 2 scrambled eggs with avocado, sweet potatoes, and chorizo; the fact that I wasn’t being strong armed into getting toast and home fries with my breakfast was the most amazing thing ever. Sarah’s omelet cost $8.50 and my eggs and three cost a cool $7.00, just based off the price alone I was pretty happy.

Our meals came out quickly even though the whole place was full. Both meals were presented cleanly and looked smelled delicious. My plate was even bigger than I could have imagined, two Peruvian eggs must translate to 4 eggs in English or they’re using super extra jumbo eggs cause I had a ton on my plate. This was in addition to a heap of crumbled chorizo, half a sliced avocado, and a big pile of sliced sweet potatoes. I was so impressed with my plate I even had to be “that guy” and instagram my meal.

My Mixtura breakfast of scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, chorizo, and sweet potatoes.

Sarah’s meal looked delicious too, but she’s not obnoxious like me so we don’t have any pictures of hers. In any case both of our meals were great, we got to hang out at our window table eat, talk, and relax. Pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning in my opinion. I want to make a special point to acknowledge the crumbled chorizo that came with my dish, it was so good, not like the red Spanish style chorizo you’d expect, it was like a more mild mannered and spiceful version. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the sweet potatoes were delicious as well, and even though those two things on there own are worth swooning over in my mind, that chorizo really stole the show.  I fear I may never be able to order anything else on the menu here just because I enjoyed my dish so much.

Even before we finished our meals we were talking about how we couldn’t wait to go here again. It’s great to find a place like Mixtura that instantly feels comfortable and has a menu that features things you love.  As nice as it is to have tons of options here in Somerville it is also nice to have a “favorite” and commit to a bit of ritual.

300 Beacon Street
Somerville MA 02143

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  • http://www.facebook.com/PDStephens Patrick Stephens

    Can’t wait to try it!

    • http://www.battlemouth.com Mike

      It’s a real treat, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Just dont go in expecting a fancy restaurant. This place is as humble as breakfast joints get around here.