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Cheese! Go for a nice raw milk blue cheese. Taste a few, find the one you like best. This is a fun step in ingredient hunting.

My Swing at the #baconsmackdown

Bacon. I’m pretty sure I could write a post that is just that word and people would be interested in it. Cured pork belly is just one of those magical foods that people love. It can be used so many different ways and it’s salty savory flavor gives it a real punch in any recipe. […]

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Mega Mix

The Rawest of Them All – Trail Mix Enlightenment

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been trying my hand at making a proper raw unsweetened trail mix (take 1, take 2). During this process I’ve tried all sorts of different fruit and nut combos, my only criteria being any fruit included should be unsweetened and the seeds/nuts must be raw, also no peanuts allowed. […]

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Crazy Easy Meals – Sausage Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Some nights I want to eat and put forth little to not effort in order to get food into my mouth. This post almost feels like I’m cheating, as I’m about to share with you a recipe that has two ingredients…. yep two. Thing is sometimes it’s the simple combos prepared the right way that […]

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fire placing

Campfire Packets – Simple to Cook, Delicious to Eat

This Memorial Day weekend I went camping. As far as I’m concerned camping/grilling is pretty much the only way you should be spending the first weekend of summer. I just love everything about it, being outdoors, sleeping in tents, cooking meals over fires, the list goes on and on. One challenge I’ve found while camping […]

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Honey Basil Avocado Smoothie – Wicked Green

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, I’ll be straight with ya, I’ve got vacation on the brain. This weekend I’ll be heading to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a relaxing weekend of hiking, camping, and fishing. This has resulted in Friday where I’d much rather not be sitting at a […]

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Recipe Envy – Health-Bent Paleo Pad Thai

Coming up with recipes that are  a product of my own mind all the time can be tough. Some weeks I’ll be trying out all kinds of new stuff and have plenty to write about. Other times I’m just not in the “recipe zone” and writing a post about grilled chicken breast would be boring. […]

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