Space Engineers – Disco Spaceship Simulator 2014

Logging into Space Engineers for the first time I was absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and controls available to play the game. So before I get too into things let me clear this up, play the tutorial. Once you’ve gotten the basic controls out of the way you’ll be ready to dive […]

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Bear Simulator Kickstarter. Enough Said.

A game where I can play as a bear and at the $20 backer level my bear can wear sunglasses? Yes please! (more…)

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Kickstarted – Duelyst

Every once in awhile a real stellar project will pop up on Kickstarter and I can’t help but back it. Figured I might as well share these finds with everyone as it’s pretty dang easy to miss a project only to find it already concluded and you missing out on all the rad backer exclusive […]

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How to Lose Your Faith in Humanity and Then Lose Your Humanity

It happens in a game called Rust. You start off in a random location looking for your friends and a place to set up some sort of base. As you go wandering around, some dude who’s been playing the game for a while comes up and just shoots you. Not because you posed a threat, […]

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Late to the Game: Papers, Please

So hey there people. Since we’ve started unofficially relaunching Battlemouth, I figured it would be fun to start a new sort-of-series called “Late to the Game,” in which I, broke ass college kid gamer, play games that have been out for a fairly long while and talk about their value over time. To start, I […]

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I just had one of those moments where I instantly fell in love with a game. Calculords is my kind of strategy game but I can see it not being for some people. Here is the premise, it’s a turn based combat game with a a CCG (over 200 cards) thrown into the mix, oh […]

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