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Cheese! Go for a nice raw milk blue cheese. Taste a few, find the one you like best. This is a fun step in ingredient hunting.

My Swing at the #baconsmackdown

Bacon. I’m pretty sure I could write a post that is just that word and people would be interested in it. Cured pork belly is just one of those magical foods that people love. It can be used so many different ways and it’s salty savory flavor gives it a real punch in any recipe. […]

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fire placing

Campfire Packets – Simple to Cook, Delicious to Eat

This Memorial Day weekend I went camping. As far as I’m concerned camping/grilling is pretty much the only way you should be spending the first weekend of summer. I just love everything about it, being outdoors, sleeping in tents, cooking meals over fires, the list goes on and on. One challenge I’ve found while camping […]

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Easy One Pan Meals – Sweet Potato Hash

My past few posts have been foods that take a considerable commitment of time and/or ingredients in order to properly prepare them. I wanted to go to the other end of the preparation spectrum and talk about some of my favorite meals to whip together when I’ve had a long day at work and just […]

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The Slicer

Making Bacon : Seven Days to Delicious

Bacon. Just saying the word gets people into a frenzy. Online we’ve got people that more or less lose their mind at the very mention of this product. Who’d have thought cured pork belly would become the sensation it has. I mean there is no denying the deliciousness of bacon nor am I trying to play down […]

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts – Do it, Roast em.

I have this wonderful habit while in the kitchen of tweeting pictures of things while I’m making them.  I’d like to image people look at the pictures and think to themselves “gee Mike really makes some interesting looking things” in reality you’re all probably like “OMG why is Mike making it harder for me to […]

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