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I Got Interviewed!

My good buddy Aaron interviewed me recently about my experiences commuting via bike as well as how it impacted my health and life.  It’s quite an awesome piece, I reread it even though I knew everything I said.  You can check it out over on Loving the Bike, which happens to be quite the rad site […]

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You will keep me running!

Running, Eating, Cooking.

Today I made a point to carry my camera with me and more or less capture my life in regards to food and fitness. Hopefully I can do this often as it was a blast and it encouraged me to go out of my way to photograph the things that make up who and what […]

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The GU Taste Test – Part 1

Keeping properly fueled is important, especially when you’re working out for extended periods of time (more than 45 minutes straight). Deny your body fuel and it will deny you the performance you are demanding of it. Simple as that. So what does someone do when they need extended endurance while working out? I chose GU. […]

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