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Topped with paprika and parsley on a chunk of red pepper. MMMmm!

Baba Ghanouj

One of my go to after work snacks has always been some hummus along with some fresh veggies to dip in it. Did you know that hummus counts as a serving of vegetables? Lately I’ve been feeling a bit “Hummus’d out” so I decided to try something a little different. Baba ghanouj is the spicy […]

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Behold our humble ingredients.

Goat Cheese and Pepita “Pesto”

I like a lot of people became enamored with the idea of growing all my own herbs when I walked past the display in Target mid spring. Oh how exciting it would be, to have a bounty of fresh herbs at my fingertips to do my culinary biddings! What I have found instead is I […]

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