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Making Sausages : From Pork Butt to the Plate

I was very busy making delicious meat products this past weekend. As you know from yesterday’s post I made bacon, but in addition to bacon I also made about 3 pounds of delicious smoked sausage. Making sausage is a lot more work than making bacon and requires a bit more specialty equipment (meat grinder/sausage stuffer). […]

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The Slicer

Making Bacon : Seven Days to Delicious

Bacon. Just saying the word gets people into a frenzy. Online we’ve got people that more or less lose their mind at the very mention of this product. Who’d have thought cured pork belly would become the sensation it has. I mean there is no denying the deliciousness of bacon nor am I trying to play down […]

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All rubbed up with herbs ready to be cooked.

How To Cook A Roast With Little To No Effort

Want to impress people with your ability to turn raw meat into a delicious meal? Want to do it with a relatively cheap cut of meat that would normally turn out tough and not very delicious and have it only require your oven to be on for about 15 minutes? Then I’ve got a really […]

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Beef Jerky – It’s Really Easy to Make

I love me some dried meat to snack on throughout the day. It is loaded with protein and tastes great.  But the stuff from the grocery store is just so expensive, not to mention loaded with crazy preservatives and sodium.  But fret not fellow dried meat feasting friend there is a way for you to […]

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