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Roasted Brussels Sprouts – Do it, Roast em.

I have this wonderful habit while in the kitchen of tweeting pictures of things while I’m making them.  I’d like to image people look at the pictures and think to themselves “gee Mike really makes some interesting looking things” in reality you’re all probably like “OMG why is Mike making it harder for me to […]

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All Roasted and Seasoned.

Honey Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Seeds

It is finally Fall, my favorite season! The food, the weather, everything about it makes me happy.  A classic fall activity I enjoy participating in is pumpkin carving, I tend to go for the nerdiest possible pumpkin, here is what mine was this year. See, told ya I’m nerdy. One of the awesome perks of […]

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All rubbed up with herbs ready to be cooked.

How To Cook A Roast With Little To No Effort

Want to impress people with your ability to turn raw meat into a delicious meal? Want to do it with a relatively cheap cut of meat that would normally turn out tough and not very delicious and have it only require your oven to be on for about 15 minutes? Then I’ve got a really […]

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