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Fun With Fermentation – Home Made Sriracha Part 2

The fermentation process went fairly smooth, save for one episode of pressure building up that almost blew the lid of the jar clear off.  Note to self, open the lid just the slightest bit every day to release the pressure that is building up. So after the 7 days I took my peppery soup, added […]

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My bounty of peppers, I bought all they had left at the grocery store.

Fun With Fermentation – Home Made Sriracha Part 1

I love hot sauces, spicy food, and any way that I can add heat to my meal.  I’m convinced I’ve probably done damage to my taste buds in my attempts to make supremely spicy meals.  Yet I still soldier on looking for spicier and spicier meals to feed my appetite for that sweet satisfying heat. […]

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